A cycling jersey is a demanding animal. It needs to perform every time, every ride and for up to seven hours whatever the weather. The best allows you to move and ride if you were wearing close to nothing. That’s what we’re aiming for. An all natural, instinctual ride that’s way more about the experience than the way your jersey needs to fit.


No two cyclists are the same. We fit our bikes specifically to us, our shape, our size, our riding style. Why not your jersey too? At the DL we understand a properly fitted jersey, designed and hand-sewn just for your body shape is something every cyclist needs. And once you’re on the DL, you never go back.


A dawn ride in the rain is no fashion show. But on the bike or off, we know everyone wants to look good. So while our jerseys are about form and function, we’re also obsessed with colors, style references and making sure that the donkey looks good wherever he is.

Simple, clean, high performance. jerseys for cycling, aesthetics for life

The Process

If you are interested in a custom tailored jersey, send us a postcard: (yes a postcard.) Support your local post office and see if you can still write with a pen. Send it here:

Donkey Label
2740 31st Ave S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406

Include the vitals: something unique about yourself, your name, your email address, your return address, your sex, and your age.

Check the waiting list to see your postcard among the others and to check where you are in the queue.

We will also send you a password that gives you access to unlock  products reserved for Custom Tailored Customers. You will then be able to purchase the Custom Fitting process from the site.

Log in and go through our custom fit process. We’ll then create an individual pattern specifically for you based on your preference for fit, feel, and sizing.

Select your fabrics, your designs, and your jersey style (or styles) from our unique selection and order your custom jerseys. Once we have your pattern, you can log in any time and order additional jerseys or team products for life.

Receive said jerseys, show up to your local ride or race, and don’t say anything – just let them stare. Most likely they will eventually ask you where you got that jersey.