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Staple Bib 3.0 Grip

Size Guide

An updated version of our Staple 3.0, the Staple 3.0 Grip bi shorts use the same fabrics, pattern, and chamois as the original, but add a thin layer of silicone at the end of the legs to keep the bottom hem from sliding up. While the Staple 3.0 generally holds firm, we found that riders who were on the border of two sizes and moved up into the larger option would see a little riding up at the bottom of the leg. Since a well-cultivated set of laser-etched tan lines is as much a part of your kit as anything else, we added the Staple 3.0 Grip to the lineup to help keep things crisp.

The silicone treatment on the leg opening is bonded directly to the fabric, meaning there's no extra pressure, seams, or bulk added. You'll still avoid the dreaded sausage legs and be set for hours upon hours of sleek and stylish comfort. While we continue to recommend that you hand wash your bibs and jerseys for maximum lifespan, our test samples of the silicone have held up to our intentional abuse and misuse quite well. This is not your 2005 leg warmers' silicone that will come off in the wash and be gone by ride number five.

As with all of our bibs, the Staple 3.0 Grip is backed by our 60-day Bib Short Guarantee. We'll give you two full months worth of miles to decide whether you're satisfied with the comfort, and if you're not, we'll take them back. We'd say no questions asked, but we're always looking for feedback on how to improve, so we'll call it no hassle given!


  • race fit
  • eliminated cuff to ensure even compression
  • French woven fabric
  • inverted strap stitching so that the smooth part of strap touches skin
  • chamois positioned forward to accommodate more aggressive ride position
  • 5-7 hour Cytech chamois
  • Reflective Donkey Label logo on back panel

Note: Our staple bibs are not meant to be super stretchy. When in doubt, size up.