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Velodrome T-Shirt

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The DL shares a stable here in Minneapolis with one of the nicest velodromes in the country. Unfortunately, after having survived 29 Minnesota winters unprotected from the elements, this facility has reached the end of its lifespan and is being sent out to pasture at the end of the 2019 racing season. Some of the best thoroughbreds in the world have taken to its boards over the course of those 29 race seasons.  With all that history we felt the proper thing to do was to create a one-of-a-kind t-shirt for this one-of-a-kind facility, and send it out in style.  Next time you hit that favorite stretch of road that always makes you feel “pro”, or the single track loop you ride with your buddies that has the perfect flow, or the climb that always brings a smile to your face when you get to the top - no matter how hot the burn in your legs, pause.  Appreciate what you have.  Appreciate what it does “for” you and “to” you.  Because you never know when it will be gone.   


90% Cotton / 10% Polyester.  

Fits true to DL sizing

90% cotton 10% polyester