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Donkey Label - Ambassador Program


Donkey Label is looking for great like-minded athletes to work with! We believe in  working hard, staying humble and having fun!  If that sounds like you, and you have a bit of a social media following, we'd like to help you grow!

What Does A Brand Ambassador Do?

We expect ambassadors to be passionate about promoting Donkey Label on their social media accounts and in their local communities. Ambassadors understand our core values and use their social media accounts to spread our message. As an ambassador you would make sure to use our gear as much as possible and photograph those items in action. Besides creating content for us to post, it is expected that you share news about product releases, giveaways, and events. You will have your own promo code for major discounts on Donkey Label products, as well as the option of a personal code to share with your followers as you see fit. 

Awesome, What Am I Supposed To Do?

- Before applying you must be following Donkey Label on Instagram and (optionally) Facebook.
- You must be already actively posting on your social media accounts
- Be proactive and promote Donkey Label products you own, as well as help promote any important news, such as new product releases
- Use your own social media accounts to like, interact, and comment on other Donkey Label-related posts
- Agree to allow your Donkey Label-related images to be used in company marketing materials and media
- Use the #DonkeyLabel hashtag when posting about our products or events

I Can Easily Handle That, But What Are The Perks?

- Great Donkey Label gear at a nice big discount!
- Earn a generous percentage of any sales generated through your posts
- Additional exposure to a great cyclist community through cross promotion, such as paid advertising, website and newsletter features
- The chance to share your ideas and requests when Donkey Label is developing new  products and possibly testing pre-production designs

WOW… I’m In! What Now?

Click here to sign up for the Ambassador Program!