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MTB Nationals

September 03, 2022 2 min read

NCYD has been a program we've sponsored the last two seasons. NCYD is a youth development program based out Minneapolis and it's all about getting kids on bikes and growing the COMMUNITY

"It's been a true honor to have Donkey Label as the NCYD development team's title sponsor for a second year. We doubled the size of the team this year as a direct result of Donkey Label providing us a safe, affordable home where our participants can congregate, collaborate, work hard, and celebrate. In addition, Donkey Label provides the team with tents and branded team amenities that allow our community to extend that optimal team environment we enjoy at home while on the road. Most importantly, Donkey Label keeps us looking fresh and fashionable everywhere we go. 

After a solid year of focused effort we loaded nearly 50 riders and coaches into five vans for a 10 day adventure to Winter Park, Colorado to attend the 2022 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships. Riders as young as 12 and as old as 18 competed in dual slalom, enduro, cross country, and short track competitions while teammates, friends, family, and community from around the country cheered them on. We all put our best effort forth, and some made their way to the steps of the podium. Everyone captured a win through the experience of a life-shaping adventure.

Partnerships like the one the National Center for Youth Development has with Donkey Label are the result of a commitment to a shared vision laser focused on creating community, recognition of identity, and the pursuit of purpose. As anyone who has participated in organized cycling activities knows well what you wear says a lot about who you are. We are proud to suit up in gear that reflects our hard working and humble nature while honoring every individual's right to autonomy. We had riders in many versions of the Donkey Label collection at this year's National Championships, from free-ride gear to skinsuits, and we were recognized instantly and often as a result. It was fun to see how much the kids celebrated our partnership with Donkey Label as much as they did their efforts that got us to this event. That is truly unique and special.

On behalf of the entire team, and those in the community that make this a reality for these kids, I extend a gracious "thank you" to Donkey Label for this exemplary support. It's a model for other organizations looking to connect kids with life-changing activities like cycling."

- Coach Bruce

"With the Enduro Queen"
-Caroline H

"I've been in Colorado for the past week if anyone was wondering"
- John G

"Always such a great time racing out at USAC Nationals in Winter Park, the atmosphere was amazing this year with even more riders then last year. The 17-18 boys category had 188 riders alone registered for XC and STXC races which required 2 heats for the on-site qualifier races for both events.

My Results with qualifiers,
Thursday, 17-18 Boys XC Qualifier Heat 1: 34th
Friday, 17-18 Boys XC Finals: 45th
Saturday, 17-18 Boys STXC Qualifier Heat 2: 15th
Sunday 17-18 Boys STXC Finals: 25th

Thanks to everyone who helped me along this season including my coaches, sponsors, as well as friends and family!"
-Andreas D

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