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November 17, 2018 2 min read

When we headed up to The Great White North I was hoping for two things, to become more cultured and watch the movie Strange Brew and to pull a result at the Pan American Championships. Well, one of those was accomplished, the other…not so much. Chris McGovern, my coach, mechanic, and main partner in crime pulled it up and I splurged the four dollars on Amazon to stream the alleged, “master piece.” Was it worth it? Hmm, no comment. It wasn’t a complete loss though, our host house got a kick out of our new found knowledge and hip Canadian slang. 

Right about now you might be wondering about the racing part of this Canadian trip. Well there’s a reason I didn’t mention it above and thats because the results were pretty much null. In hindsight I probably came in a little overcooked on the train front. The incredible weather back at home in Santa Cruz was all too enabling to stack some volume and intensity in the legs the weeks before. 

After a rough race weekend in Canada I returned home and took a much needed rest week and tried to avoid inhaling smoke from the tragic fires that are terrorizing both North and South California right now. Fortunately the smoke seems to be clearing a bit now and I’m back to training as usual. Nationals is almost exactly a month away which means it’s time to buckle down and cross my t’s and dot my i’s on the the training front. 


Last November we raced in Louisville at the same venue that Nationals will be held at, Joe Creason Park. The course was rad then and I’m hoping for something similar come December. The course has some slick, fast, and steep descents as well as some massive barriers and a big climb. Personally I’m hoping we get some serious weather for the week of racing. As of now I’m feeling really good about this last block of racing leading into nationals. After a quick reset last week all seems to be on track to some good form for the most important race of year. I know my head is where it needs to be, fingers crossed that the legs are right there with it. 

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