A Tuesday in March

A Tuesday in March

A Tuesday in March


Its was Monday night, it was a good rest day. I rode my motorcycle a little bit, had a coffee, got some emails done, and got a massage. Its also March which means we’re coming into the season of the Classics. This morning is a “semi classic” called Le Samyn. I went to bed excited for a morning cup of coffee and some bike racing on the TV before I kit up for my own training.


My dad and I usually watch the classics together. We’re both up early and plop down on the couch with some coffee and watch the racers slug it out on a grim Belgian day. The race was good, almost a mental warmup for my efforts I have to do. Before that though, breakfast.


I’m going to walk you all through my absolute favorite pre training breakfast. To some of you it is going to seem like a slightly odd combo, but seriously don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. You don’t need much, its quick and easy. Quick cooking oats, chia seeds, peanut butter, sea salt, one egg, nuts of your choosing, and maple syrup. Alrighty add the oats and chia seeds to your bowl. Add a lot of boiling water, more than you think the chia seeds will soak it up. Stir it all together with some peanut butter and then throw a fried egg with runny yolk on top of all of that. Crack the yolk add salt and syrup to your preference and enjoy pure breakfast bliss. You’re welcome.


After my breakfast routine I get ready for the day of training. I head out to the garage and pull my bike off the wall, air down the tires to about 55/60psi since its a wet one today, turn on my computer, and add some more lube to the chain before going inside to kit up. Today’s training includes some efforts which is a little over a two hour ride, a run, and then home for core and collarbone/shoulder mobility work.


It’s lightly drizzling outside, but the sky looks dark. I always try go as minimalist as possible with my kit which can backfire at times. I throw on a Donkey Label base layer, a DL wool long sleeve jersey, a DL jersey vest, and then a rain jacket on top of all of that for good measure. Wool socks cover the toes and a minimal layer of embrocation goes on the legs before my leg warmers. I find even when your legs are soaked the embro keeps you nice and toasty.


Training in the rain has been getting easier, I used to just submit to the rollers whenever it was raining. My coach always talked crap on that and said, “you can’t not  go to work because its raining.” Something about that resonated with me and now I think lack the mental fortitude for anything over 90 minutes on the rollers and even thats a stretch so I just layer up and hit the road. I had four efforts to do and did two North on Highway 1 and two South. It wasn’t until I flipped around for the last two that I realized how much of a tailwind I actually had while riding North. I bit the bar and rode home. It sounds silly, but theres aways a deeper feeling of accomplishment when you crush your intervals in the rain.


I get home switch kits to some running gear and head back out before returning home for some body work and a recovery drink. I stuff some newspaper in my shoes for tomorrow and throw my kit in the laundry. Tomorrow is more of the same and I cross my finger for a pinch of sunshine.

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