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Donkey Label sponsored athletes are HARDWORKING AND HUMBLE. They embrace the process and celebrate the struggle. They work hard for every drop of sweat that exists in their pores. 
Typically Sponsorship is only open to a few, however, our goal at DL is to turn that model on it’s head and empower individuals to work hard and strive for greatness in the DL brand, and reward athletes at the grassroots level. 
We’re searching for athletes to sponsor in this unique model who are ready to get after it, backed by the hardest working label in sports. Are you ready to apply and get payouts for podiums no matter your category or race?




Three small businesses, including Donkey Label have come together to create theDL SPONSOR’S FUND. These companies are invested in promoting racing in the cycling community. These businesses have provided financial support for the design and production of this kit and are paying the difference to reduce the cost of the kit to all racers with this investment.  

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So What Do I Do?

Step 1: Just race in the any of the“DL ‘PRIME LAP’ COLLECTION”

Step 2:Get on a podium: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd - any category, any race. 

Step 3:Submit your race report and a photo of you in the kit on the podium

Step 4: Reap your rewards in cold, hard, cash (or a check ;) )

How Much Do I Get for A Podium in a DL Prime Lap Collection Kit?

  • CAT 1
    • 1st Place: $
    • 2nd Place: $
    • 3rd Place: $
  • CAT 2
    • 1st Place: $
    • 2nd Place: $
    • 3rd Place: $
  • CAT 3, 4, 5
    • 1st Place: $
    • 2nd Place: $
    • 3rd Place: $

How Much Does a DL Prime Lap Collection Kit Cost?

The Prime Lap Sponsor Businesses - Donkey Label, Greenway Solar, and Spye have used their funds to ensure there are affordable options to keep the entry point low as well as a rull range of skin suits, vests, baselayers, t-shirts and socks to ensure you can look as fully kitted-out a Pro. 

Prices range from $XX-$XXX

Shop the Collection Here

How Else Can I Earn Money As a Sponsored Athlete?

Referral bonuses. 

Greenway Solar - Greenway Solar is a Minneapolis based company that focuses on Solar and Storage.  They are the only Tesla Solar roof installer in the state of MN. They do high end residential solar/storage installations and medium to large commercial systems for building owners. If you ride with or know of any building owners or individuals that are interested in leveraging solar please inform them about Greenway Solar. 

Visit the Greenway Website

  • $100/solar/storage referral that turns into a job,  and 
  • $250 for any Tesla solar roof referral that turns into a job
  • $500 for any commercial solar referral that turns into a job.

Spye - Spye is a Minneapolis based provider of Audio Video experiences that focuses on corporate/commercial spaces (think Zoom/Teams rooms,  video walls, LED billboards, digital signage).  We do work all over the United states and design work world wide.  Anyone who works in a corporate environment is probably dealing with the balance of work from home and the changing landscape of our offices.  Spye are the experts in transitioning communication experiences for all companies using AV technology and smart design.

Visit the Spye Website

  • $500 for new contracts that result from the referral.  

Donkey Label - Tell folks what you love about your DL apparel and products and why you support us as an athlete. Tell us directly if there is something you don’t like or that you think could be improved upon – part of sponsoring people is to get invested feedback in improving our company and our products and the DL experience.

Shop the Donkey Label Website and use code: DLPRIMELAP for an extra 20% off

I Want to Participate But I Can’t Afford the the Kit or a Race Entry Fee

Donkey Label is committed to empowering all to ride, especially BIPOC, women, and LGBQT racers. Please reach out and we will help you.


The DL SPONSOR’S FUND allocates an equal budget of $4,000 across 3 time periods: April - June, July - September, and October - December. After the budget for that time period has been depleted, no further Sponsor Dollars will be given out nor paid for races won in that period the following period when funds are available again. A notice will be posted on the page when the funds for a given period are gone.