Lake Street Tech T-Short Sleeve Cerulean

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Donkeys are Hardworking and Humble. They embrace the process. And they embrace the struggle. 

As a donkey, you work hard for every drop of sweat that exits your pores. We made this shirt for you, to celebrate the process, the struggle, and the sweat! To the naked eye, this shirt looks like any other, until you start your workout. Our special sweat activated ink acts as a work meter. The more you work, the more it zigs and zags.   Designed for our runners, mountain bikers, and cross trainers.  


This shirt feels great and it looks great.  Hand stitched in Minneapolis with small runs of unique technical fabrics.  The small company that makes these for us is located on Lake Street so we thought it was a fitting name.



  • Polartec Powerdry 100% polyester fabric
    • Bi-component knit, Fast Drying, Lightweight
    • Superior wicking, Highly Breathable, Odor Resistant
  • Tapered cut for flattering fit
  • Long in back for riding position
  • Subtle v-neck
  • Designed, sourced, stitched and printed in Minneapolis, MN